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Grade 6
Contact Yajaira Bautista  Yajaira Bautista ex: 4505 Science Teacher
Contact Felix Black  Felix Black ex: 4034 Math Teacher
Contact Martha Cabrera  Martha Cabrera ex: 4504 ELA Teacher
Contact Juana Evink  Juana Evink ex: 4506 Social Studies Teacher
Grade 7
Contact Nakia Franklin  Nakia Franklin ex: 4402 ELA Teacher
Contact Shelice Hillyer  Shelice Hillyer ex: 4406 Health Teacher
Contact Sarah Ray  Sarah Ray ex: 4405 Social Studies Teacher
Grade 8
Contact Krystal Bowser  Krystal Bowser ex: 4032 Science Teacher
Contact Maria Cardenas  Maria Cardenas ex: 4019 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Henry Yge  Henry Yge ex: 4404 Math Teacher
Contact Karin Kostyzak  Karin Kostyzak ex: 4217 Math and Science Teacher
Contact Glenn Sequeira  Glenn Sequeira ex: 4042 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Robin Yi  Robin Yi ex: 4031 Science Teacher
Physical Education
Contact Jose Alvarez  Jose Alvarez Physical Education Teacher
Contact Ms. Haymon  Ms. Haymon Physical Education Teacher
Contact Gina Seay Holmes  Gina Seay Holmes Physical Education Teacher
Special Education
Contact Karen Fitz Williams  Karen Fitz Williams ex: 4202 Math Teacher
Contact Kassandra Fitz  Kassandra Fitz ex: 4206 ELA Teacher
Contact Lotrece Hamilton  Lotrece Hamilton ex: 4203 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Manuela Martinez  Manuela Martinez ex: 4201 RSP
Contact Angela Petty  Angela Petty ex: 4204 Science Teacher

Bulletins, Memos, Reference Guides

Abolition of Corporal Punishment (BUL-5747.1)

Board Resolution - Respectful Treatment

Board Rule 1266 - Unauthorized Use of District Property


Bullying And Hazing (Bul-5212.2)

CALOSHA Log of Injuries & Illnesses (Ref-5693.2)

Certification of Absence Forms (Bul-6307-3)

Child Abuse Awareness Training (CAAT) and Resources (Mem-6338.1)

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting (Bul-1347.3)

Classified Employees Handbook

Code of Conduct with Students

Code of Conduct with Students (Bul-5167.0)

Crisis Preparedness Response and Recovery (Bul-5800.0)

District- Owned Vehicles, Policy, Procedures and Responsibilities (Bul 6401.1)

District Division ITD Policy Acknowledgement Form 2015-2016

Drug and Alcohol Tobacco Free Workplace (Bul-6488.0)

Emergency Drills and Procedures (Bul-5803.2)

Employee Code of Ethics

Ethics Policies (Bul-4748.0)

FMLA Bulletin (Bul-1205.3)

Guidelines on Use of Privately Owned Vehicles (Bul-5310) 

Information Protection Policy (Bul-1077.1)

Injury Illness Prevention Program (Bul-3772.3)   » Watch Video

Inventory Control Form

ITD Attendance Policy

John Muir Middle School Faculty Handbook

John Muir Middle School Planning Template

LAUSD Attendance Policy

LAUSD IIPP Presentation

Mandatory Posting Regulatory Notices (Bul-4991.6)

New Certification of Absence Form (Bul-6307.2)

Nondiscrimination Policy (Bul-6612.0)

Overtime Policy for Classified Employees (Bul-5996.0)

Policy Regarding Internet Safety (Bul-5181.2)

Reasonable Accommodations For Individuals with Disabilities (Bul-4569.1)

Responsible Use Policy (RUP) (Bul-999.11)

Section 504 Students Individuals With Disabilities (Bul-4692.3)

Security for Personal Items Reminder 12-10- 12

Security of Personnel Form

Sexual Harassment Employee (Bul-3349.1)

Sexual Harassment Employee (Bul-1893.1)

Social Media Policy (Bul-5688.1)

Suicide Prevention Intervention Postvention (Bul-2637.1)

Threat Assessment and Management  (Bul-5799.0)

Title IX Policy Complaint Procedures (Bul-2521.1)

Uniform Complaint Procedures (Bul-5159.4)

Williams Complaint Procedures (Bul-4759.3)

Workplace Violence Bullying And Threats (Adult-To-Adult) (Bul-5798)