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SBAC Student Assembly

Accessing IAB Scores Quick Notes

  1. Go to  CAASP website 

  2. Click on Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments

  3. Scroll down and click on Interim Assessment Reporting System

  4. Click on blue login tab

  5. Log onto system using your Digital Library sign in credentials (This may be the same logon credentials for TOMS if you created the same password for both systems)

  6. Los Angeles Unified should be listed as district and John Muir Should be listed as school

  • select appropriate grade if you administered more than one grade level

  • Click blue download icon to save and print results


Teachers can access reports for list of students and individual students. There are no aggregate reports.

Getting Ready for IABs and SBAC

IA Administration Quick Notes

1.  Use the Google Chrome Browser.  Go to  CAASP website.

2.  Click on Test Administrator Interface for All Online Assessments


3.  Log onto system using your TOMS sign in credentials
  • LAUSD district email address

  • Password

4.  Click on the   + Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments
5.  Click on the +  select Interim Assessment Blocks (IAB)

6.  If the pop-up blocker error comes up, change the chrome settings to allow pop ups.  (Click here for directions)

pop up blocker

7.  Refresh the sire. (Click here for directions)

8.  Click on + select appropriate content area
9.  Click on the + select appropriate grade level
10.  Select test and click OK

Required SBA Interim Assessment Blocks for the fall semester


Math 6 Ratios Proportions

Math 7 Ratio Proportions

Math 8 Expressions and Equations I


                   ELA 6th grade - Multivitamins Performance Task 

                   ELA 7th grade - Mobile Ed. Technology Performance Task 

                   ELA 8th grade - Compare Ancient Societies Performance Task

11.  Click Start Operational Session
12.  Write Session number on board

13.  Wait for students to sign in to session:

  • to access the session from the student iPads they must have the Air Secure App installed  

         Click here for Instructions for Installing the Air Secure App on iPads

  • to access the sessin from Chromebooks or netbooks, students must choose the CA Secure Browser:

Students then enter the following:

  • First name

  • 10-digit SSID (Students no longer need to type CA before the 10 digit number)

  • Session ID

14.  Approve Students for the assessment
15.  Verify  manner of administration setting as Non-standardized (default) or Standardized/Benchmark (if you select standardized, you will have to select this setting for each student one by one)
16.  Monitor students
17.  Encourage everyone to do their very best on the test

IA Viewing System Quick Notes


  1. Go to  CAASP website

  2. Click on Smarter Balanced  Interim Assessments

  3. Click on Interim Assessment Viewing System

  4. Log onto system using your TOMS sign in credentials

  • LAUSD district email address

  • Password

  1. Select grade level, click next

  2. Select appropriate IAB assessment

  3. Select test form, click next

  4. Click on sound icon

  5. Click on “I heard the sound”

SBAC 2017 Test Administrator Resources

Confidential Files (To access these folders, please use your muirmiddle account or send a request using your lausd single sign on)


Interim Assessment Hand Scoring Quick Notes

Accessing scoring rubrics and exemplars for all constructed response items and performance tasks


  1. Go to  CAASP website 

  2. Click on Test Operations Management System (TOMS)

  3. Click on the ? help icon at the top of the page

  4. Click on the blue tab titles Interim Assessment Hand Scoring

  5. Select content and grade, then scroll down to Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs)


Entering IAB scores


Go to  CAASP website

  1. Click on Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System

  2. Log onto system using your TOMS sign in credentials

  • LAUSD district email address

  • Password

  1. Enter score based on rubric in the box at the bottom of the page

  2. Click on  Submit Score

  3. Click in the box next to student name, then click on Mark Selected as Complete