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Blackboard Connect


"It has been a game changer for me.  It has helped me tremendously in getting my students to complete assignments and improve their behavior."  John Muir Middle School Teacher


Blackboard Connect for Teachers - New Users

Please complete the Request for Blackboard Connect User ID and Fax the Principal Approved Form to (213) 241-8486.


For more information, go to the Blackboard Connect FAQs page.


Blackboard Connect for Teachers Access/Password Reset

In order to access your Blackboard Connect for Teachers account or reset your password, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Blackboard Connect Teacher Website.
  2. Leave both the email and password fields blank.
  3. Click on the “Forgot your password? Click here.”
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to enter your email address.
  5. A new default password will be sent to your District email account.
  6. Use this default email to log in to Blackboard Connect for Teachers.
  7. If successful, you will get a warning indicating that you are logging in with a temporary password.  Click Continue.
  8. Establish your personal password based on the stated requirements.
  9. Respond to the security hint questions.
  10. Use your new password to log into the system.  If you experience any difficulties, close your browser and log into the site at the URL in step 1 above.  Enter your email and new password.
  11. Watch the “Show Me How” five minute video to learn how to send messages.

For additional information about the Blackboard Connect for Teachers system, please visit and click on the Teacher Resources link.


Blackboard Connect Message Quick Start Guide 
The Message Quick Start Guide provides instructions on how to quickly setup a Blackboard Connect message.


Blackboard Connect Usage Guidelines
The Blackboard Connect Usage Guidelines provide guidelines for using Blackboard Connect effectively in disseminating different types of information to parents and staff.


REF-5483.0 -- Superintendent's Emergency Notification System
The purpose of the Superintendent's Emergency Notification System Reference Guide is to provide information about the Superintendent’s Emergency Notification System and how recipients can update their contact information.


BUL-5469.0 -- Lockdown Procedures For All Schools
The Lockdown Procedures for All Schools bulletin provides the procedures and protocols for when a school initiates or is placed on a lockdown, including use of Blackboard  Connect.


How to Obtain Your Blackboard Connect Dial-In Messaging Card
The How to Obtain Your Blackboard Connect Dial-In messaging Card guide provides instructions on how to obtain a Blackboard Connect Dial-In Messaging Card to make Blackboard Connect calls using only a telephone.


Updating Blackboard Connect Information

Blackboard Connect Tips 
Maintaining accurate student and employee contact information is crucial to the District's ability to communicate with parents, guardians and employees.  Follow these recommended steps to make sure all receive your communications.

1.      Compare the students in Blackboard Connect with the enrolled students in the MiSiS Student Information System to ensure all students are included.  If students are determined to be missing, request a list of students missing from the Blackboard Connect system by emailing

2.      Review the After Call Summary email report after sending a school-wide message paying particular attention to the reasons why calls were unsuccessful.  For example, review Bad Numbers and Undeliverable calls requesting the parent/guardian provide updated information.

3.      Correction of student contact information must be made in the MiSiS Enrollment>Parent/Guardian Contact Info page.  Changes made in MiSiS will update Blackboard Connect and Blackboard Connect for Teachers, within 24 hours.  Clidk on the link to view the Quck Reference Guide for instructions to Entering Contact Information in MiSiS for Blackboard Connect. Quick Reference Guide

4.      Correction of employee contact information must be made by the employee in the Employee Self Service system.

If an errant call is being received and a school cannot be identified, call (213) 241-0875.